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Health Benefits of SPINACH

Spinach should be listed as a food staple in every household. DJ & I list it on most BodyVisions' diets to ensure our athletes & transformers get all the health benefits from this superfood.


· Vitamin A aids development and maintenance of skin, eyes and hair, as well as assisting the immune system.

· Vitamin B1 (thiamin/thiamine) is vital in keeping the nervous system functioning properly.

· Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is essential for nerve development and production of energy.

· Vitamin B3 (niacin) creates enzymes which are important for cell metabolism and can be used in reducing blood cholesterol.

· Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) has a beneficial effect on the body's use of protein and carbohydrates and promotes healthy hair and skin.

· Vitamin C has many functions, probably the most important of which is supporting the immune system.

· Vitamin E protects cell membranes and DNA and prevents excessive oxidisation.

· Folate is a naturally-occuring B vitamin which is important for the reproduction of all body cells. The synthesised form is folic acid.

· Vitamin K aids blood clotting and helps the kidney function.


· Manganese is important in the breakdown and absorption of amino acids and energy production, as well as being necessary for the body to metabolise Vitamins B1 and E.

· Magnesium is used in the development of bones and teeth, as well as the nervous system and muscle contraction. It is useful in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and lowering of high blood pressure.

· Iron is an essential component of oxygen-transporting proteins and the regulation of cell growth.

· Calcium— more than 99% of the body's calcium is contained in the bones and teeth. The remaining one percent is in fluids and is useful in the maintenance of the nervous system.

· Potassium is an electrolyte which regulates blood pressure and heart function.

· Copper is vital for bones, cartilage, brain tissue, the heart and other organs.

· Phosphorous aids calcium in strengthening bones.

· Zinc is found in every cell in the body. It activates enzymes and helps maintain the immune system, aids healing of wounds and maintains the sense of smell and taste, as well as being used in the production of DNA.

· Selenium— research has revealed a use for preventing several degenerative conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

Other Nutrients

· Tryptophan— an essential amino acid.

· Fiber (aka roughage)— research suggests that a diet high in fiber can help prevent various disorders such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids, as well as reducing blood cholesterol levels.

· Protein— essential for the healthy functioning of all living cells.

· Omega 3 fatty acids— claims have been made that they benefit healthy hearts and aid treatment ofcardiovascular disease. Research is ongoing as to whether these claims can be supported or not. They are also essential for brain development in unborn and newborn babies.

As you can see, spinach truly is a Superfood! So if you’re not adding spinach into your daily diet, maybe it’s time you start. Even Popeye knows how good it is for you!


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