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What our clients have to say....


Over the past two decades we've had the pleasure of working with a variety of people from all walks of life with different heatlth and fitness goals, ranging from 16 to 70 years old.  Below are just few samples of what our clients have to say about us.


Tiffany G.


"OMG!  Where do I start?!? DJ and Kimberlin are the absolute BEST in the business. After signing up with BodyVisions, I immediately felt like part of the family.

When I tell you they CATER to their athletes, BELIEVE ME! They always make sure their “fitness flock” is well taken care of. I was SUPER impressed with their responsiveness - email, call, or text, they respond ASAP. We’ve all experienced people in businesses that don’t return your phone calls, email you two weeks later, etc. That was NOT the case here. In addition, weekly emails were sent to ensure I was staying on track and encouraged. I really looked forwarded to my Monday morning emails. Most often these Monday Morning check ins were quite hilarious (In Kimber’s next life, she’ll definitely be a comedian). They’re always on time. I NEVER had to wait. They were always willing to take the extra time to answer my questions, help me with posing, or whatever. They truly care about their athletes and are very passionate about fitness as a whole. It’s evident in everything they do."

Tara H.


"I have been on Team BodyVisions roster for a year and a half now and I compete as one of Kimber and DJ's athletes in NPC Bikini Division. I was on other Teams before BodyVisions but this is where I have found my home, my support, and my success! I have never felt more confident in myself both on stage and as a person. Kimberlin is by far my greatest motivator and mentor. She uses tough love and truth and she inspires me everyday because of her hardwork and dedication to all of her athletes! Her and DJ really understand that individual needs are necessary and very important in individual success for whatever goals someone is trying to achieve!  My coaches DJ & Kimberlin believe in me and so my loyalty to them is solid and I will always recommend them to anyone regardless if they want to compete like me or just be healthy & fit."

Brian E.


Your attention to detail was outstanding. I had a chance to see some other trainers working with their clients and not one of them came close to comparing to the level of professionalism you displayed. The help and advice you gave me from the very beginning  with my diet, to the experience you have with conditioning and posing,  to the patience you showed me, even when I started nagging the week  leading up to the show  with “pre-contest jitters," all the way  through the end of the competition, was the key to my success. Having you in my corner gave me so much confidence I was able to step on stage knowing that I had every tool I needed to win.

Samantha H.


I feel like words aren't even close to enough to express how much these two individuals have changed my life.  In April 2014 I was looking for the best competition coach In the industry, I was determined to win my next show, I knew I needed the utmost expertise. Not only did I find all of that times ten, but I found a family, I found two individuals that selflessly dedicate themselves to the success of their clients, who put my health (physically,mentally and emotional) as a top priority and are the coaches I only dreamed about but didn't think existed. In this past year I have seen so many incredible transformations, including my own, on TeamBV and it's because Kimberlin and DJ do not see people as what they are, but as what they have the potential to be.  They saw what I could be way before I did, and continue to push me to be my best every day.  Their insatiable drive and positive attitudes are contagious, they are the two hardest workng individuals I have ever known, and I'm convinced they are actually Super Heroes and being Super Coaches is their cover.  Their super powers rub off on everyone they are around and I can't imagine not having them in my life. They have not only made me a champion athlete, but inspire me every day to be a better person than I was the day before. I love you guys!

Joe S.

At BodyVisions, DJ & Kimberlin will welcome you into their home and quickly make you a part of their fitness family. I trained with BodyVisions for a year and a half in which they pushed me through an amazing transformation to become one of the top NPC men’s physique competitors in the country. The best part of training with BodyVisions is being their sole focus when you are in their gym training. You can expect to be pushed to your absolute limit, which in my opinion is the only way to make the muscular growth you so desire a reality.  Both DJ & Kimberlin make themselves readily available for answering questions/concerns during competition preparation which is extremely crucial if you have not experienced the depletion first hand before. DJ & Kimberlin are open to suggestions and will always be supportive to help you try new diets/exercise methodologies under their guidance. At the beginning of each week, Kimberlin will send out a motivational email which for many people can come at the exact right time to keep you focused and motivated towards your fitness goals. Transformations of the body may seem overwhelming and even unattainable at times, but with the help of BodyVisions, I can promise you nothing is impossible. I am forever grateful for everything I was taught while training with BodyVisions and would recommend their services to anyone. DJ & Kimberlin are real, trustworthy, respectable, amazing individuals that will make you comfortable in a sometimes uncomfortable industry. Whether it is competition preparation or just a transformation goal you have, BodyVisions is the place to go. 

Alana G.


"Without DJ and Kimberlin I believe I would still be dreaming of competing. They gave me the body to be competitive, but more importantly the confidence to step on stage.

The closer we got to competition the more I realized how lost I would be without BodyVisions. There were so many things other than training and nutrition that I needed from them. From custom suit instructions to teaching me how to walk “sexy” they were there every step of the way.

The day of the competition I was backstage and truly believed every girl in the room was going to beat me. When I stepped on stage I heard them coaching and encouraging me from the audience and my nerves were calmed. They promised they wouldn’t let me on stage to make a fool of myself. When I received not one but TWO TROPHIES I was in shock! Not only did I compete, but I won top placing and a chance to compete in Nationals!"

Ranee E.

"DJ’s foundations, encouragement and ingenious understanding of how the body works and responds, he maximized the time we had to improve the areas I was weakest in. The results were undeniable. Truth! 
I can’t say enough about Kimber’s unwavering support, pep talks, and tongue-lashings. She kept me in check, on course and reminded me how much I deserved this. She personally invests in your goals…she not only hears you, she listens and learns you." 

Jamie S.


"What was different about DJ and Kimberlin was they lived the lifestyle they preached, and they were passionate about it.  That was something we quickly picked up, and knew that if we just trusted them and put our faith in them, they would lead us down the right trail.  It has been a long road, but a very rewarding one.  The changes that I have made over the past year have been dramatic and life changing.  I followed their directions and advice, and Kimberlin was always there with an inspirational email when you needed one.  They are not only awesome trainers, but they are great people and a fabulous and loving couple.  Thank you for all you have done for me!"

Jill J


"I have been training with Team BodyVisions for almost a year now and what separates DJ & Kimberlin from any other trainers, other than their mad skills, is how much they genuinely care about their clients. Before I started training with Team BodyVisions my diet and workout experience had not been very effective and I found myself doing the same routine without a ton of motivation. Team BodyVisions has not only brought a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to their diet and exercise programs but they make sure I am consistently challenging myself. I am amazed at the amount time and dedication DJ & Kimberlin put into each client and how much they truly care to ensure each person gets the most value out of their customized program. I wholeheartedly recommend Team BodyVisions for all they have done for me and for their energy, professionalism, enthusiasm and most of all their knowledge!"

BodyVisions LLC -

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