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Meet Your Coaches


DJ and Kimberlin Hanes, owners of Team BodyVisions, provide a professional and healthy training environment with a selection of unique programs to fit their clients’ needs. This husband and wife team offers a wide range of coaching & nutrition services online and in person for beginner, intermediate and advanced clients and competitive athletes. DJ and Kimberlin are both successful competitors who spent their 'time in the trenches', providing them with the expertise, knowledge and skills necessary to assist their clients through every step of their physical transformation journey.  


Before the inception of BodyVisions, DJ began his journey into the health and fitness field as a successful competitive bodybuilder over 20 years ago. Competing for DJ is enjoyable, but he desired the satisfaction of helping others in achieving their own transformation goals and moved from competitor to trainer/coach. The evolution of Bodybuilding has kept him consistently expanding his education & knowledge to ensure his clients are always receiving the very best coaching & results.  


Kimberlin's physique transformation and coaching career began 15 years ago while working as a counselor for individuals battling cancer. She understands the power of the mind and views exercise as medicine that can affect more than a physical body; so, in 2005, she made a full time commitment to Team BodyVisions to help individuals work harder, more consistently, and more effectively than they would on their own.


At BodyVisions we know every client is unique.  We know each client has a specific goal, usually more than one.  We focus on educating our clients on how their body functions and  how to train in the safest, most effective way to achieve the results they want.  Whether it's losing a few stubborn pounds, tightening & toning, shedding a copious amount of fat weight, building & maintaining lean muscle mass or competing in BodyBuilding - Physique - Figure or Bikini, Team BodyVisions can help you get there!








Beyond just feeling and looking great,  strength training has many benefits that will help your body over the course of your lifetime. Whether you do strength training with weights or without, the aesthetic & health benefits are too great to ignore.


If you are looking to add any one thing to your lifestyle to increase your health, strength training should be it!  BodyVisions strength training programs are customized to meet your goals and work with any physical limitations you may have.



At BodyVisions we ​work with a diverse group of individuals of all ages & health demographics.  We​ ​design realistic individualized nutrition plans based on our clients' ​​goals and lifestyle.  We specialize in the following areas:


  • Sport Nutrition - Competition Prep

  • ​Sustainable Weight Loss​

  • ​Eating Disorders​

  • ​Hormone Balancing​

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Low Energy & Fatigue

            CONTEST PREP


Every NPC & IFBB Division (Bodybuilding - Bikini - Men's Physique - Figure & Women's Physique) focuses on a certain "look" that will award you over your competitors. Competition Diet - Supplement & Training programs must work in unison to achieve that certain 'look' that will get you to the top! BodyVisions Competition Prep programs are tailored to your body specifically to ensure your body's overall aesthetics & symmetry are on point and you look absolutely flawless on stage. 


Competing is not for the fitness timid, at BodyVisions be ready to commit to change and expect exceptional results!

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