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Pump up with Betaine


Without a doubt, one of the more satisfying outcomes from intense weight training is the surplus of blood that rapidly fills your muscles as you train. Commonly known as "the pump". However a deeper look into "the pump" shows it is more than just a short term increase in muscle size. According to several studies, the pump actually stimulates long-term adaptations within the muscle, promoting substantial gains in size and strength.

The compound Betaine, also known as trimethyglycine (TMG), is a natural osmolyte found in the cell that protects the cell against dehydration by increasing cellular water retention through osmosis.Furthermore, the ability of betaine to function as an osmolyte likely contributes to MUSCLE HYPERTROPHY by causing the muscle fiber to swell. Research has shown that muscle swelling stimulates protein synthesis and decreases protein breakdown, resulting in muscle growth.

Cell swelling triggers certain cellular signaling cascades to reinforce structural components of the muscle cell by promoting the synthesis of structural proteins within the cell, which ultimatelyincreases muscle size!

Betaine is a great product to stack with creatine, since creatine also works to hydrate the muscle cell. Furthermore, their capacity to function as an osmolyte supports a better pump by drawing more fluid into the muscle for an enhanced pump!

Betaine can be purchased as a stand-alone item and is also found in some pre-workout supplements.  The recommended dosage is 2 g of betaine 20-30 minutes before your workout and 2g immediately after your workout. And as mentioned above, you can stack this with Creatine.

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